Sugardoll x Tyra Kamaruzzaman Hair Mask – Lavender Lights

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What is Hair Mask?

• Hair treatment that is formulated with essential oils and other nourishing ingredients to help provide extra moisture to 

        your hair. In the long run it makes the hair healthier and stronger.

What are the Active Ingredients?

• Phenyl Tricethicone

• Cetyl Alcohol

• Coconut Oil

• Stearic Acid

• Almond Oil

• Lavender Flower Oil

• Wheat Protein

• Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

• Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

• Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

• Olus Oil

• Olive Squalane

What is the Difference Hair Mask & Hair Conditioner?

Hair Mask

•Formulated with essential oils and nourishing ingredients that is more intense to treat dry & damaged hair

•Texture is very thick

•To be used as treatment 1-2x a week

•Treats deeper into hair follicle and hydrates inside the hair strand

•Boost health and appearance of your hair

•Therapeutic hair treatment

•Heal damaged locks

•Lasting & permanent result upon consistent usage

Hair Conditioner

• Formulated to work as daily moisturizer for your hair to protect your hair from further damage. As shampoo will dry out 

        natural sebum oil.

• Texture is creamy liquid form

• To be used every time after shampoo

• Moisturizes the outer hair strand so that its softer & manageable

• Instant but temporary result

4 Different Smells for you to choose from:


√ Infused with squalene (olive)

√ Stimulates Hair Growth

√ Adds Shine

√ Tames frizzy Hair

√ Reduce Spilt Ends


√ Infused with Argan Oil

√ Nourishes Hair 

√ Tame Frizziness

√ brittle FREE

√ Promotes elasticity

√ Protects & Repairs hair

√ Heat Protectant


√ Infused with Coconut Oil

√ Tames frizzy hair

√ Prevent Split ends

√ Stimulates hair growth

√ Penetrates hair shaft

√ Provides protein to the hair


√ Prevent bad hair odour

√ Calming

√ Tame Frizzy Hair

√ Moisturising

√ Prevents Thinning


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